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Films at First Sight

May 9, 2024

Instead of our socials with images of what we watched, we're sitting down to chat about some of our favorite (and least favorite) films that we watched in March of 2024. And of course we get wildly distracted along the way. So join us for our inaugural episode of Firsts of the Month!

Apr 6, 2024

Welcome to Off the Shelf, where we dive into the world of physical media. In our first episode, Joe and Graham look at Canadian International Pictures' release of The Mob (La gammick) (1975), a crime driven character study which is accompanied with the animated short film Hunger (1974) and a wonderfully Canadian mixtape...

Feb 16, 2024

In which Joe and Graham cleanse their palate from their recent exposure to Salo by way of the 1982 sex comedy The Last American Virgin. Was it the light-hearted nostalgia blanket the guys needed? Listen to find out. You know it'll bother you if you don't.

Feb 5, 2024

Join us as we unveil a new spinoff series, Exposure Time, where we review new and upcoming films. Our first in this series has us diving into the life and work of the Master of Giallo, Dario Argento in Simone Scafidi's Dario Argento Panico which just premiered on Shudder.

Jan 24, 2024

We're LIVE at the historic Colonial Theatre in Phoenixville, PA with special guest Matthew Sorrento where we watched 1947's Dark Passage for the first time with an AMAZING audience. Grab a seat and listen to us chat about the film, noir tropes, the legendary couple that was Bogie and Bacall, and Matt set us all straight...