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Films at First Sight

Jan 28, 2022

We're back and so is friend of the show, Elizabeth, as we travel back in time to the late 1700's with Sofia Coppola's

Marie Antoinette

Jan 22, 2022

Caitlin and Joe look back at their highlights of 2021. From new releases, to theatrical experiences, to realizing Joe has no idea what modern MTV looks like, we reflect and celebrate what has been an odd but exciting year in film.

Jan 14, 2022

Joe & Caitlin enlist friend of the podcast Mando to travel to The Great White North and check out 1983's Strange Brew, a wonderful comedy starring the McKenzie brothers. We also ponder, was Max von Sydow born old? And a special treat, Mando schools us on Canadian Metal!!

Jan 3, 2022

We are back with a Paul Verhoeven double feature as well as return guests, jaime & Tami from Texas Chainpaw Massacre, as we cover Total Recall & Showgirls. We also try and understand how one can become so desensitized to boobs on a screen but by God, this Dutch director managed to pull it off. Cheers?