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Films at First Sight

Dec 20, 2021

New guest to the show, Colleen joins us to try and figure out why Al Pacino is so damn tired. Like all the time. My man, get some rest. 

Dec 10, 2021

Life can be all about the little victories. Sometimes you get to chat about a movie that brings you pure joy, other times you may find your father by inviting three of your mom's exes to you wedding. That's right, this episode Caitlin and Joe talk about Mamma Mia!! 

Dec 3, 2021

Pop quiz hot shot, how many podcasts covering Speed open their episode description with "pop quiz hot shot"?
Our friend Mary joins us with some Speed themed slam poetry as we discuss Keanu Reeves' action packed flick and try to figure out what Jeff Daniels smells like.